Yamalube Sporty Premium Review

What is special about Yamalube?

Yamalube engine oils also meet or exceed Powersports industry standards for protection and performance. Each one of our Yamalube products undergoes rigorous testing and has been proven to provide the performance and protection demanded by today's advanced technology. via

Is Yamalube fully synthetic?

Fully synthetic base. Increase performance in fuel efficiency. via

Who makes Yamalube?

(ESSO) manufactures the Yamalube brand on behalf of Yamaha Canada and in the US, a company called CITGO makes Yamalube on behalf of Yamaha USA. . via

Is Yamalube engine oil Synthetic?

02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, today introduces the GP Racing Spec and Hi-Performance full synthetic Yamalube engine oils for superior performance applications. Yamalube is the only oil specifically made for the unique demands, operating characteristics, and specifications of Yamaha engines. via

How long does Yamalube last?

We are so confident we craft the highest quality powersports oil in the industry that we will warrant the performance of Yamalube in your new Yamaha vehicle's or other qualified product's* engine for 20 years or 100,000 miles (5,000 hours of operation if no odometer), whichever comes first**. via

Do I have to use Yamalube oil?

You don't have to use Yamalube. Look in the manual, though, to ensure that you're using an appropriate service grade as well as weight & viscosity. via

Which engine oil is best for Yamaha?

castrol Power1 10W-50 4T 1L Bike Engine Oil for Yamaha FZ-S. via

What type of oil is yamalube?

Compare with similar items

This item YamaLube All Purpose 4 Four Stroke Oil 10w-40 1 Gallon Yamalube All Purpose 4 Four Stroke Oil 20w-50 1 Gallon
Liquid Volume 128.0 fluid_ounces 128.0 fluid_ounces
Size 10W-40 1 Gallon


Who makes yamalube 10W40?

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This item Yamaha LUB-10W40-AP-12 Yamalube 10W40 All Performance Oil Quart; LUB10W40AP12 Made by Yamaha
Customer Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars (300)
Price $1299
Sold By Broward Motorsports FTL
Compatible with Vehicle Type Motorcycle


Is Yamalube made by Yamaha?

YAMALUBE is an engine oil developed by Yamaha specifically for motorcycles. via

What color is Yamalube?

Yamalube 2-stroke is blue, as is Pennzoil semi-synthetic. Yamalube 2-stroke is blue, as is Pennzoil semi-synthetic. via

Who makes Yamalube grease?

This video presents the birth and development history of Genuine Yamaha oil, a story going back over 50 years, and the reasons Yamaha considers Yamalube oil to be “A Liquid Engine Component.” via

What can I use instead of yamalube?

Many others just use regular non-synthetic motor oil as long as the manufacturer does not require it. Rotella T-6! Bob's the oil guy, is a great place for oil-related information. via

Is yamalube 10w30 synthetic?

Description. Yamalube Synthetic 10W-30 High performance engine oil, especially developed for 4-stroke Outboard Engines and 4-stroke Personal Watercrafts. Developed, tested and approved by Yamaha Motor marine. 10W-30 for cold-flow performance for less wear at low temperatures. via

What kind of oil goes in a Yamaha motorcycle?

Yamaha Yamalube 10W-40 Performance All Purpose Motorcycle Oil Gallon - Walmart.com. via

Does Yamaha have lifetime warranty?


Yamaha will replace any individual component, that by a competent technical entity is determined to be defective, without charge for parts or labor. Parts replaced under this warranty are warranted for the remainder of the original parts warranty or for 90 days, whichever period is longer. via

Is yamalube Jaso?

A precise blend of top-quality, mineral-base oil and ultra-clean additives provide superior antifrictional properties. This oil meets or exceeds the JASO MA requirements, which includes the highest certified motorcycle engine oil rating that ensures proper wet clutch performance. via

What is yamalube 2S used for?

Yamalube 2S 2 Stroke Engine Oil features special synthetic additives that significantly reduce carbon, varnish deposit buildup and "gelling" of fuel in sub-freezing conditions. This means longer engine life and greater performance over the life of your Yamaha. via

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