What Vehicles Use H13 Bulbs

What is compatible with H13 bulb?

Headlight & Fog Light Bulb Cross-Reference Guide - LED | HID | Halogen

Bulb Equivalent to Lighting Technology
H13 (Dual-Beam) 9008, H13ST/XV LED, HID and Halogen
H16 (L-shaped) H11, H8, H9 LED, HID and Halogen
H16 (T-shaped) 5202, 2504, PSX24W, PS24W, 5201, 9009 LED, HID and Halogen
H27 None LED, HID and Halogen


Can I use a H13 for H11?

I think it's possible. The only difference is 2 pin connector on the H11 and 3 pin on the H13. The actually connectors are the same I believe. The other wire that needs to be disconnected is the signal wire that engages the high beam on the bulbs since they are a dual element Hi Lo set the H13. via

Is H13 high or low beam?

SYLVANIA - H13 SilverStar Ultra - High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, High Beam, Low Beam and Fog Replacement Bulb, Brightest Downroad with Whiter Light, Tri-Band Technology (Contains 2 Bulbs) via

What's the difference between 9008 and H13?

H13 is the bulb type. Ford refers to them as a 9008. Sylvania makes a line of bulbs called Silverstars. They are available in an H13 size - Sylvania refers to them as a H13ST. via

What is the difference between H11 and H13 steel?

If we compare between H11 and H13, H11 tool steel consists of less vanadium than the commonly used H13 hot work tool steel. This gives H11 steels the higher toughness, with some reduction in wear resistance and tamper resistance. via

Is H13 a dual beam bulb?

H13 is a dual beam headlight bulb, it is one of the most popular dual beam headlight bulb sizes. via

What are the brightest LED headlight bulbs?

The brightest LED headlights on the market usually provide 5,000 to 6,000 lumens per light or 10,000 to 12,000 lumens per set. Which is brighter: 6000K or 8000K? Both 6000K and 8000K are bright and high kelvin (K) ratings for headlights though their hue differs. via

What is the brightest halogen headlight bulb?

Sylvania Silverstar Ultra

The brightest down-road halogen headlight in the company's portfolio is the Silverstar Ultra, offering more clarity, better night vision, and a much whiter light compared to standard halogen bulbs. via

Is a 9008 A H13?

Philips 9008B1 9008 / H13 Standard Halogen Replacement Headlight Bulb, 1 Pack. via

Are 9005 and 9007 bulbs the same?

In the LED and HID world, all of those bulbs are now replaced by a single bulb, most commonly called the 9005. Similarly, the 9004 and 9007 halogen/incandescent light bulbs are nearly identical, but they have some stark differences. via

Is H10 and 9145 the same bulb?

Many vehicles use an H10 or 9140 or 9145 light bulb in the fog lights, but these bulbs are almost identical to the 9005 bulbs. via

Are H11 and 9006 the same?

Connectors of 9006 vs H11 Bulbs

Even though the connectors of 9006 and H11 bulbs may look similar, they are completely different. Thankfully, similar to 9005 bulbs, 9006 bulbs can also be used with H11 connectors if you want. via

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