Honda Civic Rear Window Replacement

How much does it cost to replace a back window on a Honda Civic?

The rear and front side windows can be replaced for $150-$170. Vents on a vehicle run a little bit higher at $170-$190. Back windows have the most variety including prices varying by year: If it is for a 2000 Civic hatchback, you are looking to pay a minimum of $300. via

How much does it cost to replace rear back window?

Do you need to fix your broken rear window? You might be surprised by the cost! The average price for a replacement is $325. Rear Window Replacements range from 200-450 in US Dollars according to RepairPal estimates, which do not include tax or labor fees. via

How much does it cost to replace a windshield on a 2021 Honda Civic?

Depending on your model, the average 2021 Honda Civic windshield replacement cost is $225 to $280. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems will increase the installation price by roughly $350. via

How long does it take to replace a rear window?

How long does it take to replace a rear windshield? – (rear window or back glass)? From removal of the damaged glass to installation of the glass, the entire process takes approximately one hour, and the vehicle needs to sit for an additional hour to give the urethane time to cure. via

How much is a windshield for a 2004 Honda Civic?

Windshield Repair

Honda Model Glass Quote
2004 Honda Civic Si 2 Door Hatchback Windshield 265.79
2004 Honda Civic Si 2 Door Hatchback Windshield 250.86
2004 Honda Civic Si 2 Door Hatchback Door 197.45
2005 Honda Civic Si 2 Door Hatchback Back Window 418.91


How much does a back windshield cost?

Front glass replacement generally costs more than back glass replacement; typically, back glass replacement doesn't require the added cost of wiper assembly and falls in the range of $100-$300 for the fix. A vehicle with special molding may add up to 20% to the repair cost. via

What is 3rd visor band?

“Third Visors” are disguised as a black speckled “frit” shading in your windshield behind your rearview mirror. Located in the top middle of your windshield between your fold-down visors, it is designed to keep the sun out of your eyes and should not be confused with the shade band. via

What size are Honda Civic windshield wipers?

2020 Honda Civic Windshield Wiper Blade Size

The 2020 Honda Civic wiper blade sizes are a 26" driver's side blade and a 18" passenger's side blade. via

Can I drive with a shattered back window?

Can I drive my car with a busted back window? It isn't advised to drive with a broken rear window, but provided you have both side mirrors in tact you should still be able to safely drive home. From there it's best to reach out to a technician depending on the extent of the damage. via

Can you drive a car with a smashed rear window?

Eye protection or a helmet is highly recommended, as a variety of materials can collide with your face, causing injury – even small bugs can cause bruises and eye damage at a high speed. If your windscreen has been smashed and you're miles away from help, you can drive without a windscreen. via

How do you replace a rear car window?

  • Inspect the damage carefully.
  • Remove the damaged glass.
  • Vacuum any debris and glass from the vehicle.
  • Insert a brand new rear windshield.
  • Ensure any defrost or technological capabilities are functional.
  • Clean all of the glass on your vehicle.
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    Is car windshield covered by insurance?

    All car insurance policies cover damages to a car's windshield, provided the policyholder holds a comprehensive coverage. Only if you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, your motor insurance company will bear the cost of replacing your vehicle's damaged windshield. via

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