Cheap Vs Expensive Light Bar

How do you know if a light bar is good? (video)

Do light bars make a difference?

Various light bars can provide different light colors. These can range from the basic white light solution to multicolors or red, blues, and greens. Moreover, some can offer traffic redirection functions too. This can prepare your car or SUV for even more situations. via

How many lumens should a light bar have?

Generally, a light with higher lumens will provide brighter illumination. Most lights will offer brightness that ranges from 10,000 to 100,000 lumens based on the number of LEDs and size of a given LED light bar. via

Are all light bars the same?

Unfortunately, like number of LED's, you have to trust the brand you are buying. Cheap light bar makers will use one LED driver chip for the entire light bar, and this means that the bar won't have the long life and that the brightness of the LEDs will vary with input voltage. via

What is a good wattage for a light bar?

Even though there are quite a few different factors that go into it, a good LED light bar should have a minimum of 120 watts, although 240 watts would be better in most situations. If you want to go overboard though, you can go all the way up to 800 watts or more. via

What should I look for when buying a light bar?

LED Light Bar Features

  • Size. Some may argue, but size is probably one of the most important features to consider if you are thinking about adding an LED light bar to your vehicle.
  • Shape.
  • Number of Rows.
  • LED Color.
  • Water Resistance.
  • Mounting.
  • Rigid Industries.
  • Baja Designs.
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    Is a LED light bar worth it?

    The quality of LED lighs is better than other headlights and allow you to see better and see more. While it is not as bright as the HID, it is much, much better than the halogens and you will realize that LEDs can give you better color and visibility than the other two. Extremely efficient and durable. via

    Where do you aim a light bar?

    So, the best place to mount this light bar should be on the roof or hood of the vehicle, the higher the better. When aiming a combination beam pattern light bar its best to make sure the light goes as far down the road as possible to optimize its efficiency. via

    How long do LED light bars last?

    The average life span of an LED integrated in a fixture is 25,000 to 30,000 hours. You should take into account that this may vary a lot. via

    What are good light bar brands?

  • AutoFeel Dual Mode OSRAM LED Light Bar.
  • Nilight Relay Blade LED Light Bar.
  • Kohree 7-Inch Offroad LED Light Bar.
  • KC HiLites Waterproof LED Light Bar.
  • Northpole Combo 20-Inch LED Light Bar.
  • Bangbangche 20-Inch Offroad LED Light Bar.
  • YITAMOTOR LED 2-Piece LED Light Bar.
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    What is the difference between a curved and straight light bar?

    With a curved light bar, you will still be able to get the same combo patterns with the same basic idea behind it but this will disperse the light even wider. The curved light bar will give you the widest field of view, allowing you to illuminate the largest area possible. via

    How many watts is a 52 inch light bar?


    UPC 718193342479
    Beam Pattern Combo
    Diode Count 100
    Watt 300 Watt
    Watt Range 200+ Watt


    Why do people put light bars on their trucks?

    LED light bars for trucks are the ideal way to signify your presence, light up the area around your car, and warn other drivers of issues on the road. via

    What is the brightest light bar?

    Even today when you look at who uses the best, newest, highest-binned LED chips, nobody uses anything better than Vision X. That's why the brightest light bar in the world, the Vision X XIL-PX9010, goes for over $2,000 online! via

    What's the purpose of a light bar?

    Quality light bars illuminate a large swath of the road so that you can identify hazards, whether it be a sharp bend in the road or a deer standing in the side brush. Consider the kinds of hazards that you typically encounter when looking for light bars so that you can choose an ideal beam pattern. via

    How many amps does a 300 watt LED light bar draw?

    300W LED Power. 20A@12V,9A@24V LED Current Draw. via

    How much current does a LED light bar draw?

    The LEDP3W-36X2 LED light bar from Larson Electronics produces 8,208 lumens of bright light while drawing only 108 watts @9 amps from a 12 volt electrical system. via

    How are light bars measured? (video)

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