Bmw M4 Exterior Carbon Pack

What is the M carbon exterior package?

M Carbon Exterior Package includes carbon fiber mirror caps, front bumper air vents, and rear bumper side caps. The Cooling and High Performance Tire Package includes the 20" wheels and bigger front brakes. via

What is BMW M4 competition package?

The BMW M4 Competition Package is the first significant upgrade to the BMW M3 and M4 range since the cars were launched early in 2014. Available on all derivatives – saloon, coupe and convertible – the package brings more power, new suspension components and wheels, mild styling revisions and additional equipment. via

How much does a BMW M4 2021 cost in South Africa?

In South Africa, the estimated price of a BMW M4 Coupe 2021 is about 1,700,000 Rands. Approximately 1,700,000 RAND should be the estimated price of the BMW M4 Coupe 2021 in South Africa. via

What is BMW G82?

The second iteration of the BMW M4 (codenamed G82) is a largely based on the standard 4 Series (G22 generation), which was previewed by the BMW Concept 4. It is a high performance version of the standard G22 4 Series. Prototypes of the BMW M4 have been seen tested on the Nurburgring beside the G80 BMW M3. via

What is BMW M driver's package?

This program has you share an M car with another driver as you both learn the ins-and-outs of high-speed driving and control. via

What is the difference between a BMW M4 and competition package?

The standard M4 comes with rear-wheel drive, a six-speed manual transmission, and a fiery 473-hp twin-turbo inline-six engine; M4 Competition models have 503 horsepower. Both models can be had with an optional eight-speed automatic, the only transmission sold with the optional xDrive all-wheel-drive system. via

Is an M4 a supercar?

Factor in the M4's decent everyday practicality and this BMW is a true supercar for every occasion. The BMW M4 Competition is one of the most desirable sports cars for sale in the UK today. via

Is BMW M4 fast?

The M4 matches the performance of supercars from not long ago, hitting 62mph in 4.1sec and reaching 155mph. The most impressive figure, however, is a 0-100mph time of 8.6sec. The latest generation M3 and M4 are very quick cars indeed. via

How many M4 Cs are in South Africa?

BMW said it would build 700 of them (23 made it to SA) and, a year on from the car's appearance, the word is that you can still get one overseas, with relative ease and without waiting too long. Not exactly a smash hit, then. via

How much is a M4 GTS?

2016 BMW M4 GTS Models

Trim GTS Coupe
Engine 3.0L Twin-Turbo Inline-6 Gas
Transmission 7-Speed Automatic
Drivetrain Rear-Wheel Drive
Price $133,205


How can I tell if my BMW is a M4?

  • Other than the M3 or M4 badge that appears all over the cars?
  • The M3 and M4 are identical in the front third.
  • The M4, when viewed from behind, has a different wheel arch, a slightly wider bumper, and rounded taillights versus its 4-door counterpart.
  • via

    How many M4 Cs are made?

    But limited to just 700 examples worldwide with a price tag which was double that of a base M4, the GTS was something of an anomaly—more collector's item than daily driver. What enthusiasts needed was a model that split the difference between the standard M4 and the over-the-top GTS. The M4 CS is that model. via

    What does BMW M4 CS mean?

    The new BMW M4 CS, which stands for 'Club Sport', is an exclusive limited special edition M4 model which is designed to fill the gap in the line-up between the M4 Coupe with its competition package and the track focused M4 GTS. via

    How much is a BMW M4 G82?

    About the 2021 BMW M4 G82

    The M4 is regarded as a sports from 80k built in Germany with prices from a dealer as a used car starting at $150,400. via

    What is the fastest M Series BMW?

    M Series – Performance Models

    In fact, the current M Series also boasts the title of having the fastest BMW– the M5 Competition: 2019 M2 Competition Coupe: 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds. via

    What is M driver's package M4?

    With the M Driver's Package option, owners will be able to increase the top speed of their M vehicles from 250km/h to 305km/h (M5/M6) or 280km/h (M3/M4). The top speed increase will automatically be activated when surpassing the 2,000 km run-in distance and once the run-in inspection has been completed. via

    What does the M Drivers package include?

    M Driver's Package: In addition to raising the top speed of your BMW M vehicle, the package also includes a unique 1-day high-performance driving class at a BMW Performance Center. via

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