Best Roller Derby Wheels

How do I choose roller derby wheels?

One of the biggest factors for choosing a wheel is the surface you skate on. Skaters that skate on a hard and slippery surface choose softer wheels, while skaters that skate on grippier, or softer, surfaces choose harder wheels. The more slip on a surface, the softer the wheel needs to be in order to maintain traction. via

What wheels are good for rink skating?

Indoor skate wheels should have a hardness of 90A or above.

For instance, jam skating calls for a wheel in the 93A to 96A range, while speed or artistic skating call for a harder wheel, around 100A. The larger the wheel, the faster it goes. The standard for most indoor skaters is 62 mm (diameter). via

Can you use Moxi gummy wheels indoors?

Moxi Trick Wheels

This wheel can be used indoors or outdoors on smooth flat surfaces. via

Are bigger roller skate wheels faster?

Smaller wheels provide maneuverability needed for aggressive skating, artistic skating, roller dancing, and roller hockey, while wheels on the larger side will provide a smoother ride and faster speed than the smaller wheel. Larger wheels are typically used for fitness and speed skating. via

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