Best Battery For Bmw R1200gs

What battery does a BMW R1200GS use?

BMW R1200GS successor (09 - Present) - 1200 cc Batteries

Brand Model Specification
Powerline PTZ14S AGM 12V 9Ah 150A
Varta 511902023 AGM 12V 11Ah 230A
Leoch LTZ14-4 AGM 12V 11.2Ah 230A
Exide ETZ14-BS AGM 12V 11.2Ah 205A


How many miles will a BMW R1200GS last?

BMW motorcycles are generally very durable and can be seen lasting about 200,000 miles easily; however, this does vary depending on the model, how well the bike is maintained and the style of riding it is subject to. If you average 4000 miles per year a well-kept BMW motorcycle can last 50 years. via

What is the best year for BMW 1200 GS?

Although there were a few early issues with reliability, BMW quickly sorted these out and now there is little to fear when it comes to buying second hand. As a general rule the later model the better as the 2006-onwards machines are more reliable and the twin cam 2010 models the best of the bunch. via

How much horsepower does a GS 1200 have?


R1200GS, 2013 model with Akrapovič HP titanium exhaust
Manufacturer BMW Motorrad
Power 81 kW (109 hp) @ 7,750 rpm 70.42 kW (94.43 hp) (rear wheel) 92 kW (123 hp) @ 7,750 rpm (LC)
Torque 120 N⋅m (89 lbf⋅ft) @ 6,000 rpm 97.38 N⋅m (71.82 lbf⋅ft) (rear wheel) 125 N⋅m (92 lbf⋅ft) @ 6,500 rpm (LC)


How do you charge a BMW GS Battery? (video)

Are BMW R1200GS reliable?

Reliability & build quality

Re-sale values are high because BMW's reliablity and service are top level. This GS continues their high level of quality, feeling robust and secure. Our BMW R1200GS owners' reviews show some very fond owners, but also those who say the bike itself and looking after it are too expensive. via

Do BMW motorcycles need a lot of maintenance?

Are BMW motorcycles expensive to maintain? Yes, BMW dealers will squeeze you for every last dime. (for some owners, BMW stands for Brought My Wallet). So the answer is to do as much of your maintenance as you can! via

Do BMW motorcycles hold their value?

The hottest motorcycles on the road don't come cheap. But some of the best of them keep their value after you put them on the road. Bikes made by Harley-Davidson, BMW, and Ducati, in fact, seem to hold their MSRP value better than any others. via

Is R1200GS easy to ride?

Outside of getting used to the throttle response, it was very easy to ride and I was amazed at how well it shifted, so I continued to ride about 1-2 miles with a few right hand turns - thinking, "wow" I'm test driving this 1200 and it rides great!" - my nervousness now started to go away and I was having fun. via

What does GS mean BMW?

The GS refers to either Gelände/Straße (German: off-road/road) or Gelände Sport. GS motorcycles can be distinguished from other BMW models by their longer travel suspension, an upright riding position, and larger front wheels – typically 19 to 21 inch. In May 2009, the 500,000th GS was produced, an R1200GS model. via

What is the difference between GS and GS Adventure?

The GS Adventure is the Bike for You. What's the most notable difference between the BMW GS and GS Adventure? The upper-spec GS Adventure is prepared to tackle the most difficult off-road terrain, while the standard model's primary focus is on long-haul asphalt tours. via

Where are BMW GS motorcycles made?


Since 1969 motorcycles have been manufactured for the world market in Berlin-Spandau and since 1980 the BMW Motorrad GS models with boxer engine, too. Motorcycles which inspire the urge for adventure travel and even to go on expeditions to the remotest corners of the earth. via

When did BMW R1200GS go water cooled?

In a nutshell. In 2013 BMW took the radical (for them) step of adding water-cooling to their all-conquering R1200GS model. via

What is BMW GS HP?

The new BMW R 1250 GS: concentrated performance meets impressive efficiency. With the new BMW R 1250 GS you will experience the new Boxer even more directly. An increase in engine displacement brings you even more performance - pumping out 136 hp and 105 lb-ft of torque. via

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