Acura Tlx Brakes

How much does it cost to replace brakes on Acura TLX?

2020 Acura TLX brake pads replacement, which includes parts and labor, can cost anywhere between $150 and $300 per axle depending on the type of brake pads desired and the extent of the wear and tear your previously worn down pads have caused to the additional components of your vehicle such as the rotors. via

How much does it cost to replace Acura brakes?

Brake pads for a Acura can price anywhere between $150 per axle and $450 per axle depending on the type of brake pad desired. Acura Brake rotor replacement can price anywhere between $300 - $750 for all four rotors to be replaced. via

Is Acura TLX expensive to maintain?

Overall - the Acura Tlx has yearly car maintenance costs total to $440 . via

Are TLX reliable?

The Acura TLX Reliability Rating is 4.5 out of 5.0, which ranks it 1st out of 31 for luxury midsize cars. The average annual repair cost is $440 which means it has excellent ownership costs. via

Can you put regular gas in Acura TLX?

Your Acura ILX, TLX, RLX, MDX, or RDX will run fine on regular gasoline, but using the recommended premium unleaded 91 octane fuel is sure to boost performance, increase longevity, and keep your Acura running as it should – providing you with the peace of mind you've been seeking. via

How much is an oil change for an Acura TLX?

The average cost for an Acura TLX oil change is between $125 and $140. Labor costs are estimated between $55 and $69 while parts are priced at $70. via

Are front brakes more expensive than rear brakes?

Unfortunately, our world is festooned with imperfections, and higher prices for rear brakes just happens to be one of them. If you have rear disc brakes, this repair (with just the standard pad/rotor replacement) will run $25-$75 higher than the front brake repair, on average. via

How much do rotors cost?

Rotors cost between $30 and $75 each. Labor to replace rotors and pads is around $150 to $200 per axle. Brake pads and rotors come out to around $250 to $500 per axle. via

How long does it take to get brakes replaced?

Brake repairs can take anywhere from 15 minutes to eight hours. They're usually going to take around one to three hours on average. There are a variety of brake repair types to consider, with some taking longer than others. via

How do I check my brake pads? (video)

What platform is the Acura TLX built on?

No more drama and no more facelifted version for the Acura TLX since the Japanese premium car-maker brought a new sport-sedan in 2020. Acura introduced the first generation of the TLX was in 2014, and it was based on the same platform as the Honda Accord. via

Are repairs on acuras expensive?

Cost of Acura Maintenance

They are also not expensive to maintain. According to, Acura ranks 11th out of 30 on a list of the most and least expensive cars to maintain. Based on estimates of total vehicle maintenance over a decade, the cost for Acura is $9,800. via

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