2008 Jeep Liberty Ball Joint Replacement

How much does it cost to replace ball joints on a Jeep Liberty?

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The average cost for a Jeep Liberty suspension ball joint replacement is between $574 and $603. Labor costs are estimated between $111 and $140 while parts are priced at $463. via

How long does it take to change a ball joint on a Jeep Liberty?

The work will take about 1 hour to complete. However, additional time may be necessary depending on how dealer appointments are scheduled and processed. via

How much does it cost to replace ball joints in a Jeep?

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The average cost for a Jeep Grand Cherokee suspension ball joint replacement is between $195 and $245. Labor costs are estimated between $88 and $111 while parts are priced between $107 and $134. via

How much are ball joints on a 2008 Jeep Liberty?

We currently carry 8 Lower Control Arm & Ball Joint products to choose from for your 2008 Jeep Liberty, and our inventory prices range from as little as $132.99 up to $385.99. On top of low prices, Advance Auto Parts offers 2 different trusted brands of Lower Control Arm & Ball Joint products for the 2008 Jeep Liberty. via

Do you need an alignment after replacing a ball joint?

alignment after ball joint is not necessary unless your previous alignment was done when ball joints were bad and loose. If your car is driving sloppy after ball joints replacement, check other suspension... via

Can you replace ball joints yourself?

Ball joints are not always an easy replacement, but a DIYer who is versed in changing suspension and brake components will probably be able to tackle the job. via

How much does it cost to have lower ball joints replaced?

So, what is the cost to replace ball joints? You might be surprised to learn that replacing a ball joint is not overly expensive. You can expect to pay around $300 in most cases, including both parts and labor. Most ball joints cost about $100 to $150, while the labor costs will run you $150 to $200. via

How do you change a lower ball joint on a Jeep Liberty? (video)


How do you set up a ball joint press? (video)


What do ball joints do on a Jeep?

Ball joints act as a pivot, allowing the vehicle's wheels and the suspension system to move in tandem. They connect the steering knuckles to the control arms and allow for smooth, dependable control of the suspension system when the steering wheel is turned. via

How much does it cost to replace ball joints and tie rods?

In general, ball joints are inexpensive with a range between $20 to $80 each. Labor will vary greatly by model. Some vehicles cost as low as $60 to $80. Yet others, especially four-wheel drive trucks, can range from $160 to $200 per ball joint. via

Can a ball joint affect steering?

Steering wheel wandering to the left or the right – worn ball joints cause the steering to pull from left to right on its own. This can also cause uneven wear on your tyres. via

How do I check my ball joints? (video)


Can you hammer in a ball joint? (video)


How hard is it to change ball joints?

Ball joint replacement is not straightforward, as they can be very tricky to access and install – especially with age and rust. On some cars, the ball joint is integrated into the control arm. If you're not familiar with the suspension and wheel assembly, it's best to visit a garage for a professional check. via

How do you fix ball joints? (video)


What does a lower ball joint do?

Basically, the lower ball joint allows the wheels and tires to be connected to the vehicle and its steering assembly. This is what enables you to make right turns or left turns with the steering wheel. via

What is control arm with ball joint?

At the steering knuckle end, the control arm connects via ball joint to allow smooth wheel movement in all directions. The ball joint allows the steering knuckle to pivot and gives the wheels the ability to turn while the vehicle is in motion. via

How do you change upper and lower ball joints on a 2004 Jeep Liberty? (video)


How do you change the upper ball joint on a 2006 Jeep Liberty? (video)


What size is the axle nut on a 2006 Jeep Liberty?

Front Differential/Suspension

Socket Size Torque Spec
Front Axle Hub Nut 36mm or 35mm 100 lbs-ft
Front Ball Joint Nut (Upper) 21mm 60 lbs-ft
Jeepin' By Al's Front Ball Joint Nut (Upper) 26mm 60 lbs-ft
Front Ball Joint Nut (Lower) 21mm 60 lbs-ft


What tools are needed to replace ball joints?

What tools will I need for a press-in ball joint replacement?

  • Ball joint press kit (including C-clamp and adapters)
  • Socket, ratchet, torque, and extension wrenches.
  • Socket air tools.
  • Ball joint separator (also known as a pickle fork)
  • Needle nose pliers.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Tire iron.
  • Side cutters.
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    Do you need to press ball joints?

    If they are worn out, the car will begin to wander while driving and could cause you to lose control. In addition, worn ball joints can cause excessive wear on the tires [source: Midas]. It is when replacing ball joints that the use of a ball joint press comes in very handy. via

    How do you remove a ball joint with a pickle fork? (video)


    Should you replace both control arms at the same time?

    It's not necessary to replace both, left and right arms if one is bad. Often, however, if one arm is worn out, it's reasonable to expect that another control arm will likely need replacement soon. In this case, it's makes more sense to replace control arms on both sides at the same time. via

    How do I know if my ball joints are bad on my Jeep? (video)


    How can you tell if your ball joints are bad?

  • Clunking, Rattling Noise.
  • Loose, Wandering Steering Feel.
  • Harsh Cabin Vibrations.
  • Uneven Wear On Front Tires. A loose ball joint in the front suspension will introduce some "play" that allows one of the front wheels to come out of alignment with the other.
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    How many ball joints does a Jeep have?

    Usually, most auto vehicle and Jeep models consist of four-ball joints in front of their suspension, which mainly ensures the connection between the wheels and the suspension system. Although ball joints are not prone to fail or wear out very easily, you should replace them whenever they turn bad. via

    Can I replace tie rods myself?

    If an inspection reveals a worn tie rod end, you can replace it yourself. AutoZone has everything you need to do the job right. via

    How long can you drive on a worn tie rod?

    You can typically continue to drive your vehicle on a worn tie rod, but if it fails completely, you'll lose steering control and will likely need a tow to get you back home or to our service center for a repair. via

    How often should I grease my ball joints?

    The JBA K6292 ball joint should be greased every 3000 to 5000 miles. If you go in mud pits or across streams with the vehicle, grease the ball joint after you are done playing in the mud and water. via

    How do I know if my ball joints or wheel bearings are bad? (video)


    Will ball joints cause vibration?

    vibration: a loose or worn ball joint can cause excessive vibration. this can make the car feel very unstable, and in some cases it will shake the vehicle. you may also feel a vibration in the steering wheel. wandering steering: a worn ball joint can cause your car to pull to the right or left. via

    Are ball joints in the rear?

    Ball joints are the ball and socket joints that hold your control arms to your spindles. Ball joints are most commonly found in the lower arms of front suspensions, depending on your vehicle you may have four ball joints on your front suspension and some ball joints in the rear of your vehicle. via

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