2004 Acura Tl Hid Bulb

How do I replace my HID bulb? (video)


Can you replace HID bulbs yourself?

Remove the cover over the rear of the HID bulb, at the rear of headlight, and then unplug the connector from the HID bulb. Remove the bulb from the reflector. The bulb will usually be held in place by a retaining ring that needs to be twisted to release the bulb. via

When should I replace HID bulbs?

As the deterioration in light output is gradual, the average owner tends not to notice that the headlights are becoming weaker, especially as a car is still likely to pass its MOT Test. RING advises, therefore, that the HID bulbs of both headlights are replaced every five years. via

Do HID bulbs need to be replaced in pairs?

Simply put, in order to have a color matching HID headlights, the recommendation again is to replace the bulbs in pairs. However, the most important reason for changing the car headlight bulbs in pairs is for the safety- Both for you and the other drivers around you. via

Can you replace HID headlights with halogen?

HID and halogen lights are not interchangeable, as the lights require separate bulbs. via

Does AutoZone change light bulbs?

Does AutoZone Replace Headlight Bulbs? AutoZone will change your headlight bulbs in some cases if you purchase the bulb from one of its stores. Therefore, the company will not provide mechanic services if you need extra services involving disassembly. via

Should I replace HID with LED?

They have an average lifespan of more than 20,000 hours, which means they need to be replaced far less often than HID headlights, which have an average lifespan of up to 5,000 hours. LED headlights are also more durable. If you're looking for long-lasting, high-quality headlights, we suggest ALLA Lighting LED bulbs. via

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