1999 Acura Tl Exhaust System

Do cat-back exhaust systems improve performance?

A cat-back exhaust increases performance by upgrading a stock exhaust with a large-diameter and more efficient mid-pipe, muffler, and tailpipe. Since the catalytic convertors remain, emissions are not changed. However, vehicles will have an improved exhaust note, better fuel mileage, and weight reduction. via

Are cat-back exhaust any good?

The cat-back system improves airflow, which means the engine doesn't work as hard to eliminate exhaust fumes. The reduced resistance minimizes the load on the engine, which leads to less fuel consumption. That said, the vehicle miles per gallon (MPG) or fuel economy increases in freeways and city roads. via

What does a clogged exhaust sound like? (video)


Do you need a tune for a cat back exhaust?

They may let more sound flow through, but CB systems do not affect the aspiration of the engine. As a result, Cat-Back exhaust systems do not require an updated tune. via

Should I straight pipe?

However, it has a few disadvantages. Driving a straight piped car will produce a drone. You will feel vibrations alongside the loud sound, something that can be uncomfortable, especially during longer rides. Keep in mind that a straight pipe exhaust system is illegal in most states and causes damage to the environment. via

How much does exhaust repair cost?

While the cost for fixing an exhaust leak varies from $100-$400, at an average fee of $100 per hour for labor plus additional expenses for parts, exhaust system replacements can rack up a bill between $150 to almost $1200. via

How do you unclog an exhaust system?

Using a cloth, clean the exhaust tip, then for inside the exhaust, use a hard bristled brush, cleaning as deep in the tail pipe as you are able to. Applying a degreaser will help in breaking up carbon deposits and rust. Using a dry cloth, apply a degreaser to the inside and outside of the exhaust. via

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